We believe in the collective design of initiatives and projects

We are a group of consultants who generate sustainable and effective public policies. We analyze, through innovative and participative methodologies, what, how, why, and in which contexts does a particular public policy work. 

Our Drive

After evaluating over 200 projects, we have found that most of them are unrealistic, do not solve problems thoroughly, and ignore different points of view.

As a consequence, these projects are received with the citizen’s opposition, their projected times of development are delayed, and financial resources are wasted.




Thusly, we have created NOSÓTRICOS in order to close the gap between social needs and unilateral top-down solutions. 

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Graffiti Girl
City Cycle
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Hombre en una pared de graffiti


Foto Norberto Chavez-Tapia / Vía Flickr: khavez

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