Origin of our name

We acknowledge that language and words have an impact in the way we behave and see the world, hence the importance of our NAME and its protagonist’s role in the way we work.

“Nosótricos” and “Tik-Tank” are inspired on the philosophy and language of the Tojolabal (Mayan indigenous community), whom lack the pronouns ‘I’ and ‘you’; instead, they use ‘we’ (‘tik’). ‘Tik’ embodies population, animals, and environment. ALL are quintessential agents of the community, in search of wellbeing to maintain balance. 


Following this idea, NOSÓTRICOS acts and thinks as a ‘tik’, which allows us to generate collective initiatives and move towards a socio-environmental balance.


Nosótricos is not a common ‘Think-Tank’ which only worries about the "knowledge"; instead, we are a tank that generates action, which is co-produced by everyone involved. 

Foto Graeme Churchard / Vía Flickr: GOC53

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