Our team of specialists

All of our consultants have solid academic foundations, which are combined with our working experiences in public, social, and private sectors. 


Here in Nosótricos, we are looking for the creation of integral initiatives, hence our respect towards the ideas and perspectives of our colleagues. By doing so, we manage to explain the problematic as a group of specialists; for we believe that having just one point of view is not enough to understand the reality of different situations.

Since we are able to recognize that our society changes over time, we work with modern ideas and theories, for it is a necessity to reinvent our perspectives in order to have an understanding of CURRENT world challenges.

Patricia Robles

I am very passionate about working to empower vulnerable groups when it comes to making public decision. I am convinced that the greatest social changes originate in our communities. I have an Anthropology of Development and Social Transformation Masters degree from the University of Sussex and an undergraduate degree in Psychology from UNAM.  My experience and comprehension of society, politics and social opinion, is what drives me to generate inclusive and sustainable public politics. I directed and generated several social research projects in Presidencia de la República, Parametría, and Nodo, among other agencies. 

Alejandro Larios

What drives me is the generation of socio-spatial transformations toward socio-environmental justice.

The inclusion of a diversity of opinions is the factor I consider opens new and better pathways of development. I have an MSc on Urban Development Planning from UCL and an undergraduate degree on Economics from CIDE (Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas). Having implemented and managed diverse public policies at SEDATU (Secretaría de Desarrollo Agrario, Territorial y Urbano) and SEDESOL (Secretaría de Desarrollo Social), I am able to offer different solutions to technical and political needs. I have the necessary analytical foundations to back the products we develop.

Daniela Lemus

I am Graduate in Communication Sciences from UNAM. I am passionate about political philosophy and I always promote communication as a link between citizens and decision makers.  I contribute to Nosótricos as a researcher in the fields of communication and social management. My previous experience was in a public policy consultancy, where I coordinated social intervention projects with local governments and NGOs. Currently I also work as a lecturer in the UNAM at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences

Ubaldo Martínez

I consider myself a data scientist, and what inspires me the most is explaining reality using numbers. I believe that translating numeric data into comprehensible information brings forth better decisions. I have a Masters degree on Applied Statistics from ITESM and an undergraduate degree on Mathematics from UNAL. My experience and knowledge help me obtain a radiograph of the information gathered and process it into strategies for projects and their further and rigorous evaluation. I have worked as a consultant on statistics analysis at NIELSEN, Presidencia de la República, private projects on health, among other agencies. 

Francisco Soní

My passion is to protect the rights of the pedestrian and to fight for a better and fair distribution of urban spaces. I am convinced that the only way to transform considerably our cities is by raising our voices as a society. I have a Masters degree on Public Administration from CIDE and an undergraduate degree on International Relations from COLMEX. By doing analyses on the economic context and management of diverse projects, I have an active role on every stage of public politics and initiatives. I have worked on the communication’s network strategy at Presidencia de la República, INEA, and SEP.

Brian González

What motivates me is being able to contribute to an effective public infrastructure for the creation of social wellbeing. I consider that teamwork and being open to other perspectives is key to accomplish any goal. I have an MSc on Mega Infrastructure Planning, Appraisal and Delivery from UCL and an undergraduate degree on Civil Engineering from ITESO. I can design a functional infrastructure because of the preparation on engineering I have, complemented with my understanding of socio-environmental issues. I also have experience on the private sector of development, as well as on projects on urban infrastructure by the government and the social sector.

Santiago González

I am passionate about human understanding and ludic tools as a means for research. My work is focused on the analysis of the different narratives to understand the past, present, and future of an individual, a group or a society. I am a Psychologist from UNAM. My experience has taught me the importance of stories, which is the reason why I now work retrieving communities and individual’s stories. My objective is to identify, characterize and guide these stories towards a greater growth and development, where each citizen recognizes itself as a member and an agent of change within its own society and the issues that surround it.​

Andrea Santiago

 The understanding and transformation of social reality are the motors of the work I do. I am capable of doing this because of the particular sensibility I have on the problems related to discrimination and inequality. I am committed to defend and promote the house-keeper´s rights in México. I have an undergraduate and Masters degree on Philosophy, and  I am currently a candidate to my Ph.D. on Anthropologic Sciences, all degrees obtained at UNAM. My experience on the administration and research on educational projects and social impact at UNAM and INE (Instituto Nacional Electoral), help me understand the pros and cons when it comes to the development of participative projects.

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